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Featured Technologies
21 Featured Technologies
Bioscience Energy & Environment Materials, Chemistry, & Nanosc Microelectronics & MEMS Sensors & Detectors Next-Generation Automotive03/23/2020
Bioscience RNA-Targeting CAS9 System for Controlling Viruses07/17/2019
Bioscience Microelectronics & MEMS Sensors & Detectors Miniaturized Chemical Detectors for Point-of-Care Diagnosis03/29/2019
Bioscience SpinDx™: Point-of-Care Diagnostics Using Centrifugal Microfluidics02/15/2019
Bioscience Electromagnetics Manufacturing & Assurance Large Field of View, 3D X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging System01/10/2019
Bioscience SmartLAMP12/19/2018
Bioscience Automated Gloving System11/12/2018
Bioscience Bacteriophage Host-Range Expansion08/03/2018
Bioscience Energy & Environment One-Pot Bioconversion of Distiller's Grains to Advanced Biofuels01/04/2018
Bioscience Energy & Environment Trojan Horse Project: Biorefinery in a Plant10/28/2016
Bioscience Electromagnetics Security & Defense SWick Zoom08/29/2016
Bioscience Rapid Automated Point-of-Care System (RapiDx)08/19/2016
Bioscience Microscale Immune and Cell Analysis (MICA)08/19/2016
Bioscience Sensors & Detectors Atomic Magnetometer06/02/2014
Bioscience Automated Molecular Biology Platform06/19/2013
Bioscience Security & Defense Sensors & Detectors Micro-Pyrolizer for Rapid Bio-Identification02/05/2013
Bioscience Materials, Chemistry, & Nanosc Semipermeable Membranes for Micromachined Silicon Surfaces01/31/2013
Bioscience Materials, Chemistry, & Nanosc Synthesis of Uniform Magnetic Nanoparticles01/29/2013
Bioscience Microfluidic Polymer Valves01/23/2013
Bioscience Sensors & Detectors Miniature High-Voltage Power Supply and Miniature High-Voltage Controller01/23/2013
Bioscience The µChemLab™: Bio Detector01/23/2013