Semipermeable Membranes for Micromachined Silicon Surfaces

Semipermeable silicon nitride membranes developed using an etch process for co-manufacture on a micromachined silicon surface

There is a need for a co-fabricated filtration system for enhancement of reliability and functionality in micro fluidic devices.Common polymer-based and metal based membranes are often incompatible with micromachining methods and requirements for packaging and chemical compatibility.The ability to utilize the benefits of a semi-permeable membrane without a secondary manufactured component increases functionality and integrability of micro fluidic devices and lab-on-chip applications.

  • Monolithic integration of filters for lap-on-a-chip products
  • Eases cost and complexity of manufacturing
  • Robust
  • Permeability control at time of manufacture
  • Compatible with a wide range of silicon
Applications and Industries
  • Lab-on-a-Chip
  • Microfluidics (gas and liquid)
  • Sample Filtration
  • Fuel Cells
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