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Patents & Applications (21)
Title Patent Number Grant Date
Method for enhancing a computer to estimate an uncertainty of an onset of a signal of interest in time-series noisy data 10,859,721 12/08/2020
Systems, methods and computer program products for self-tuning sensor data processing 10,837,811 11/17/2020
Computer processing through distance-based quality score method in geospatial-temporal semantic graphs 10,769,158 09/08/2020
Global analysis peak fitting for chemical spectroscopy data 10,551,247 02/04/2020
Information searching system 10,331,732 06/25/2019
Hyperdimensional visualization tool 10,297,054 05/21/2019
Method for instruction sequence execution analysis and visualization 10,073,764 09/11/2018
Graphics processing unit-assisted lossless decompression 9,311,721 04/12/2016
Automatic computation of transfer functions 9,009,640 04/14/2015
Technique for fast and efficient hierarchical clustering 8,554,771 10/08/2013
Technique for information retrieval using enhanced latent semantic analysis generating rank approximation matrix by factorizing the weighted morpheme-by-document matrix 8,290,961 10/16/2012
Hierarchical clustering using correlation metric and spatial continuity constraint 8,280,887 10/02/2012
Method for factor analysis of GC/MS data 8,266,197 09/11/2012
Method and system for rendering and interacting with an adaptable computing environment 8,201,099 06/12/2012
Computation of term dominance in text documents 8,166,051 04/24/2012
Methods for spectral image analysis by exploiting spatial simplicity 7,840,626 11/23/2010
Methods for spectral image analysis by exploiting spatial simplicity 7,725,517 05/25/2010
Method to analyze remotely sensed spectral data 7,491,944 02/17/2009
Fast combinatorial algorithm for the solution of linearly constrained least squares problems 7,451,173 11/11/2008
Spectral compression algorithms for the analysis of very large multivariate images 7,283,684 10/16/2007
Augmented classical least squares multivariate spectral analysis 6,922,645 07/26/2005
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