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Apparatus and method to measure semiconductor optical absorption using microwave charge sensing 11,125,700 09/21/2021
ScAIN etch mask for highly selective etching 10,651,048 05/12/2020
Regrowth method for fabricating wide-bandgap transistors, and devices made thereby 10,553,697 02/04/2020
Systems and methods for interferometric end point detection for a focused ion beam fabrication tool 10,446,369 10/15/2019
Regrowth method for fabricating wide-bandgap transistors, and devices made thereby 10,388,753 08/20/2019
Bus based timed input output module 10,289,573 05/14/2019
Via configuration for wafer-to-wafer interconnection 10,224,312 03/05/2019
Passive radiative cooling of a body 10,173,792 01/08/2019
Defect screening method for electronic circuits and circuit components using power spectrum anaylysis 10,145,894 12/04/2018
Scanning method for screening of electronic devices 10,094,874 10/09/2018
Graphene heat dissipating structure 10,096,536 10/09/2018
System on chip module configured for event-driven architecture 10,089,160 10/02/2018
Method and apparatus of enhanced thermoelectric cooling and power conversion 10,072,879 09/11/2018
Flexible packaging for microelectronic devices 9,978,895 05/22/2018
Packaging system with cleaning channel and method of making the same 9,972,553 05/15/2018
Gallium beam lithography for superconductive structure formation 9,882,113 01/30/2018
Method of making thermally-isolated silicon-based integrated circuits 9,824,932 11/21/2017
Processing device with self-scrubbing logic 9,792,184 10/17/2017
System on chip module configured for event-driven architecture 9,792,250 10/17/2017
Apparatus for assembly of microelectronic devices 9,763,370 09/12/2017
Fast process flow, on-wafer interconnection and singulation for MEPV 9,748,415 08/29/2017
Graphene heat dissipating structure 9,721,867 08/01/2017
Wafer scale oblique angle plasma etching 9,659,797 05/23/2017
Method of making a silicon nanowire device 9,660,026 05/23/2017
Thermally-isolated silicon-based integrated circuits and related methods 9,646,874 05/09/2017
Visible light laser voltage probing on thinned substrates 9,599,667 03/21/2017
Fast process flow, on-wafer interconnection and singulation for MEPV 9,559,219 01/31/2017
Methods of depositing an alpha-silicon-carbide-containing film at low temperature 9,546,420 01/17/2017
Photoelectrochemically driven self-assembly method 9,548,411 01/17/2017
Silicon nanowire device and method for its manufacture 9,536,947 01/03/2017
Transparent contacts for stacked compound photovoltaic cells 9,508,881 11/29/2016
Methods for dry etching semiconductor devices 9,484,216 11/01/2016
Microfluidic pressure amplifier circuits and electrostatic gates for pneumatic microsystems 9,447,895 09/20/2016
Fabrication method for small-scale structures with non-planar features 9,448,336 09/20/2016
Integrated circuit test-port architecture and method and apparatus of test-port generation 9,311,444 04/12/2016
Processing device with self-scrubbing logic 9,274,895 03/01/2016
Tuning method for microresonators and microresonators made thereby 9,203,134 12/01/2015
Power spectrum analysis for defect screening in integrated circuit devices 9,188,622 11/17/2015
Three-dimensional stacked structured ASIC devices and methods of fabrication thereof 9,190,392 11/17/2015
Fabrication of small-scale structures with non-planar features 9,190,736 11/17/2015
Separating semiconductor devices from substrate by etching graded composition release layer disposed between semiconductor devices and substrate including forming protuberances that reduce stiction 9,029,239 05/12/2015
Protecting integrated circuits from excessive charge accumulation during plasma cleaning of multichip modules 9,013,046 04/21/2015
Membrane projection lithography 8,981,337 03/17/2015
Processes for multi-layer devices utilizing layer transfer 8,946,052 02/03/2015
Method of forming through substrate vias (TSVs) and singulating and releasing die having the TSVs from a mechanical support substrate 8,906,803 12/09/2014
Structured wafer for device processing 8,895,364 11/25/2014
Structured wafer for device processing 8,729,673 05/20/2014
Die singulation method 8,623,744 01/07/2014
MEMS packaging with etching and thinning of lid wafer to form lids and expose device wafer bond pads 8,597,985 12/03/2013
Wafer-level packaging with compression-controlled seal ring bonding 8,575,748 11/05/2013
Method to determine the position-dependant metal correction factor for dose-rate equivalent laser testing of semiconductor devices 8,481,345 07/09/2013
Die singulation method 8,461,023 06/11/2013
Die singulation method and package formed thereby 8,236,611 08/07/2012
Micromachined cutting blade formed from {211}-oriented silicon 7,992,309 08/09/2011
Method for forming precision clockplate with pivot pins 7,728,248 06/01/2010
Redox buffered hydrofluoric acid etchant for the reduction of galvanic attack during release etching of MEMS devices having noble material films 7,597,819 10/06/2009
Adhesive particle shielding 7,473,301 01/06/2009
Apparatus for raising or tilting a micromechanical structure 7,421,924 09/09/2008
Laser-based irradiation apparatus and method to measure the functional dose-rate response of semiconductor devices 7,375,332 05/20/2008
Method for forming permanent magnets with different polarities for use in microelectromechanical devices 7,207,102 04/24/2007
Method to control artifacts of microstructural fabrication 7,105,098 09/12/2006
Condenser optic with sacrificial reflective surface 7,081,992 07/25/2006
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