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Title Patent Number Grant Date
Check valves for microfluidic systems and methods thereof 11,130,129 09/28/2021
Microneedle-based electrical impedance sensor to monitor plant water status in real time 11,060,989 07/13/2021
Microfluidic package and method of making the same 10,717,079 07/21/2020
Fluid delivery manifolds and microfluidic systems 10,627,366 04/21/2020
Check valves for microfluidic systems and methods thereof 10,478,818 11/19/2019
Microsampler and method of making the same 10,161,835 12/25/2018
Sealed micro gas chromatography columns and methods thereof 10,151,732 12/11/2018
Microfluidic platform for multiplexed detection in single cells and methods thereof 9,957,554 05/01/2018
Fluid delivery manifolds and microfluidic systems 9,579,649 02/28/2017
Microfluidic hubs, systems, and methods for interface fluidic modules 8,940,147 01/27/2015
Methods, microfluidic devices, and systems for detection of an active enzymatic agent 8,871,496 10/28/2014
Coaxial microreactor for particle synthesis 8,563,325 10/22/2013
Microchannel gel electrophoretic separation systems and methods for preparing and using 8,524,060 09/03/2013
Multidimensional bioseparation with modular microfluidics 8,518,346 08/27/2013
Microfluidic device having an immobilized pH gradient and PAGE gels for protein separation and analysis 8,329,016 12/11/2012
Methods and Systems for Integrating Fluid Dispensing Technology with Stereolithography 8,252,223 08/28/2012
Active micromixer using surface acoustic wave streaming 7,942,568 05/17/2011
Microfluidic device for the assembly and transport of microparticles 7,744,737 06/29/2010
Polymeric salt bridges for conducting electric current in microfluidic devices 7,618,524 11/17/2009
Microfluidic microarray systems and methods thereof 7,524,672 04/28/2009
Stationary phase deposition based on onium salts 7,314,505 01/01/2008
Electrokinetic pump 7,297,246 11/20/2007
Non-planar microfabricated gas chromatography column 7,273,517 09/25/2007
Reactive ion etched substrates and methods of making and using 7,253,008 08/07/2007
Sample preparation system for microfluidic applications 7,213,473 05/08/2007
High pressure capillary micro-fluidic valve device and a method of fabricating same 7,204,264 04/17/2007
Non-planar chemical preconcentrator 7,118,712 10/10/2006
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