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The Electromagnetics & Instrumentation technology area contains cutting-edge solutions such as phase contrast imaging for medical applications, chip-scale magnetic tracking devices, and nanoantennae that convert infrared radiation to electrical energy.  Developed for our national security mission, these and other electromagnetic technologies have numerous commercial uses. 

This technology area also contains specialized portfolios related to: 

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Patents & Applications (59)
Patent Title Patent Number Grant Date
System and method thermopile energy harvesting for subsurface well bore sensors 11,319,779 05/03/2022
Hermetic edge-connect headers and corresponding connectors 11,296,454 04/05/2022
Hermetic edge-connect headers and corresponding connectors 10,931,059 02/23/2021
Apparatus, methods and system for temperature gradient aging with in-situ electrical monitoring 10,876,987 12/29/2020
Power supply including a nonlinear transmission line that receives a single input pulse and outputs a plurality of pulses 10,804,804 10/13/2020
Photonic-crystal-fiber-delivered laser-triggered high-voltage gas switch 10,687,412 06/16/2020
Supply-noise-rejecting current source 10,566,936 02/18/2020
Pattern generator circuit for high-speed pulse generation 10,547,805 01/28/2020
Non-inverting multi-mode oscillator 10,483,912 11/19/2019
Multi-dimensional cable shorting tool 10,468,788 11/05/2019
Ferroelectric opening switch 10,431,280 10/01/2019
Variable bandwidth filter 10,267,896 04/23/2019
Microfabricated magnetostrictive resonator 10,260,969 04/16/2019
Electrodeposition processes for magnetostrictive resonators 10,215,648 02/26/2019
Gm-C filter and multi-phase clock circuit 10,181,840 01/15/2019
Microsystems-based method and apparatus for passive detection and processing of radio-frequency signals 10,141,495 11/27/2018
Electrodeposition processes for magnetostrictive resonators 10,132,699 11/20/2018
Supply-noise-rejecting current source 10,090,826 10/02/2018
Electromagnetic isolation structure 10,026,701 07/17/2018
Coherent radar receiver that comprises a sigma delta modulator 10,020,968 07/10/2018
Grips for testing of electrical characteristics of a specimen under a mechanical load 9,952,254 04/24/2018
Waveguide module comprising a first plate with a waveguide channel and a second plate with a raised portion in which a sealing layer is forced into the waveguide channel by the raised portion 9,947,981 04/17/2018
Current limiter circuit system 9,755,428 09/05/2017
High-voltage, high-current, solid-state closing switch 9,742,394 08/22/2017
Switch device having a non-linear transmission line 9,661,733 05/23/2017
High speed, high current pulsed driver circuit 9,603,210 03/21/2017
Self-limiting filters for band-selective interferer rejection or cognitive receiver protection 9,590,284 03/07/2017
Varactor with integrated micro-discharge source 9,472,689 10/18/2016
Wideband unbalanced waveguide power dividers and combiners 9,343,795 05/17/2016
High-voltage, low-inductance gas switch 9,294,085 03/22/2016
Programmable electroacoustic filter apparatus and method for its manufacture 9,276,557 03/01/2016
Intelligent electrical outlet for collective load control 9,172,245 10/27/2015
Linear transformer driver for pulse generation 9,000,625 04/07/2015
Passive electrically switchable circuit element having improved tunability and method for its manufacture 8,835,272 09/16/2014
Photonic-powered cable assembly 8,761,560 06/24/2014
Methods for automatic trigger threshold adjustment 8,676,540 03/18/2014
Synthetic thermoelectric materials comprising phononic crystals 8,508,370 08/13/2013
Latching micro optical switch 8,447,148 05/21/2013
Photonic-powered cable assembly 8,358,893 01/22/2013
High reliability low jitter pulse generator 8,344,553 01/01/2013
Demultiplexer circuit for neural stimulation 8,285,394 10/09/2012
Microelectromechanical (MEM) thermal actuator 8,232,858 07/31/2012
High resolution A/D conversion based on piecewise conversion at lower resolution 8,193,962 06/05/2012
Piezoelectric energy harvester having planform-tapered interdigitated beams 7,948,153 05/24/2011
Modular initiator with integrated optical diagnostic 7,942,097 05/17/2011
Method for making a micromachined microwave signal control device 7,886,434 02/15/2011
Dual-range linearized transimpedance amplifier system 7,825,735 11/02/2010
Passive levitation in alternating magnetic fields 7,795,770 09/14/2010
Microfabricated triggered vacuum switch 7,714,240 05/11/2010
Charge-pump voltage converter 7,612,541 11/03/2009
Optical analog-to-digital converter 7,564,387 07/21/2009
Passive levitation in alternating magnetic fields 7,548,004 06/16/2009
Spin-stabilized magnetic levitation without vertical axis of rotation 7,545,065 06/09/2009
Mechanical vibration to electrical energy converter 7,498,681 03/03/2009
Micromachined microwave signal control device and method for making same 7,420,442 09/02/2008
High frequency transformers and high Q factor inductors formed using epoxy-based magnetic polymer materials 7,300,615 11/27/2007
Waveguide device and method for making same 7,256,667 08/14/2007
Triple inverter pierce oscillator circuit suitable for CMOS 7,183,868 02/27/2007
Electrical circuit tester 7,030,624 04/18/2006
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