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Title Patent Number Grant Date
Electrocatalyst comprising a crumpled transition metal dichalcogenide support loaded with monodispersed metal nanoparticles 11,484,867 11/01/2022
Injection withdrawal tracer tests to assess proppant placement 11,294,349 04/05/2022
Degradation of chemical agents using metal-organic framework compositions 11,077,327 08/03/2021
Block copolymers including poly(phenylene) and methods thereof 10,800,889 10/13/2020
Conversion of lignin into a water-soluble polyacid using a MOF catalyst 10,800,891 10/13/2020
Method for the preparation of uniform triaminotrinitrobenzene microparticles 10,723,671 07/28/2020
Block copolymers including poly(phenylene) and methods thereof 10,479,866 11/19/2019
Nonaqueous redox flow battery electrolyte comprising an ionic liquid with a metal cation coordinated to redox-active ligands 10,305,133 05/28/2019
Methods utilizing durable functional materials for chemical processes that include an oxidation step 10,214,700 02/26/2019
Method for multi-axis, non-contact mixing of magnetic particle suspensions 9,987,605 06/05/2018
Method to synthesize lanthanide fluoride materials from lanthanide fluorinated alkoxides 9,981,893 05/29/2018
Method for producing dense lithium lanthanum tantalate lithium-ion conducting ceramics 9,963,394 05/08/2018
Thermochemically active iron titanium oxide materials 9,868,636 01/16/2018
Electrochemical ion separation in molten salts 9,847,149 12/19/2017
Metal-organic framework catalysts for selective cleavage of aryl-ether bonds 9,718,748 08/01/2017
Method for carbon dioxide splitting 9,580,326 02/28/2017
Programmable pH buffers 9,550,168 01/24/2017
Carbon nanotube composite materials 8,986,576 03/24/2015
Doped luminescent materials and particle discrimination using same 8,853,651 10/07/2014
Method for forming cooperative binary ionic solids 8,829,183 09/09/2014
Method of making a cyanate ester foam 8,796,346 08/05/2014
Method of making carbon nanotube composite materials 8,728,566 05/20/2014
Rare-earth tantalates and niobates suitable for use as nanophosphors 8,585,928 11/19/2013
Method for forming cooperative binary ionic solids 8,389,715 03/05/2013
Hydrothermal method of synthesis of rare-earth tantalates and niobates 8,287,832 10/16/2012
Water-soluble titanium alkoxide material 7,741,486 06/22/2010
Low-melting point inorganic nitrate salt heat transfer fluid 7,588,694 09/15/2009
Hydrogen peroxide modified sodium titanates with improved sorption capabilities 7,494,640 02/24/2009
Molten-salt-based growth of group III nitrides 7,435,297 10/14/2008
Method to blend separator powders 7,303,593 12/04/2007
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