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The Manufacturing & Assurance technology area contains solutions for additive manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, and manufacturing-related analytics, tools, and software domains. Assurance technologies assist in implementing systematic quality assurance in everything from data collection, testing, and software, to modeling and analytics.

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Patent Title Patent Number Grant Date
Mode I fracture testing fixture 11,298,754 04/12/2022
Preload apparatus 11,131,407 09/28/2021
Method for tuning thermal expansion properties in an additive manufacturing feedstock material 11,118,249 09/14/2021
Metal film for additive metal manufacturing 11,117,217 09/14/2021
Additive manufacturing print-heads for exotic material applications 11,084,211 08/10/2021
Temperature dependent x-ray fluorescence 11,079,287 08/03/2021
Selective modifiers for composite material property enhancement 11,046,048 06/29/2021
Structures including a measurement coating and methods of forming the same 11,022,582 06/01/2021
Apparatus for high-throughput sequential tensile testing and methods thereof 11,002,649 05/11/2021
Inspection workcell 10,955,429 03/23/2021
Methods of preparing a safety battery 10,826,050 11/03/2020
System for authenticating an additively manufactured object 10,700,872 06/30/2020
3D-printed apparatus for efficient fluid-solid contact 10,493,693 12/03/2019
Electroless deposition of metal on 3D-printed polymeric structures 10,494,721 12/03/2019
Mechanical testing equipment for material characterization 10,481,057 11/19/2019
Systems and methods for miniaturized drawbar extension springs 10,473,175 11/12/2019
Test artifact for non-destructive evaluation 10,473,552 11/12/2019
In situ environmentally-isolated wear tester 10,429,284 10/01/2019
Centrifuge with vector-seeking linkage 10,421,081 09/24/2019
High sensitivity bearing tester and systems thereof 10,371,598 08/06/2019
Electroless process for depositing refractory metals 10,263,241 04/16/2019
Additive manufacturing of crystalline materials 10,214,833 02/26/2019
Systems and methods for spray cooling 10,156,402 12/18/2018
Two-fluid hydrodynamic printing 10,130,961 11/20/2018
Method and system for multi-pass laser-induced incandescence 10,067,049 09/04/2018
Metal-loaded plastic scintillators for gamma-ray spectroscopy 10,024,983 07/17/2018
Grips for testing of electrical characteristics of a specimen under a mechanical load 9,952,254 04/24/2018
Particle and chemical control using tunnel flow 9,759,912 09/12/2017
Self-erecting shapes 9,695,586 07/04/2017
Spring performance tester for miniature extension springs 9,651,464 05/16/2017
Solid state lighting devices and methods with rotary cooling structures 9,599,328 03/21/2017
Fabrication of neural interfaces using 3D projection micro-stereolithography 9,555,583 01/31/2017
Ultrasonic testing device having an adjustable water column 9,121,817 09/01/2015
Seal assembly with anti-rotation pin for high pressure supercritical fluids 8,794,634 08/05/2014
Dual-etalon cavity ring-down frequency-comb spectroscopy with broad band light source 8,693,004 04/08/2014
Method for providing a low density high strength polyurethane foam 8,466,207 06/18/2013
High force vibration testing with wide frequency range 8,408,066 04/02/2013
Self-assembled software and method of overriding software execution 8,347,270 01/01/2013
Rotary mechanical latch 8,308,203 11/13/2012
Method and device for tensile testing of cable bundles 8,286,498 10/16/2012
Pool power control in remelting systems 8,077,754 12/13/2011
High throughput chemical munitions treatment system 8,047,978 11/01/2011
Powder dispersion system 8,020,726 09/20/2011
Methods for batch fabrication of cold cathode vacuum switch tubes 7,938,707 05/10/2011
Rivet rotating eddy current probe 7,902,819 03/08/2011
Method for making a micromachined microwave signal control device 7,886,434 02/15/2011
Fracture-resistant lanthanide scintillators 7,863,572 01/04/2011
Using piezo-electric material to simulate a vibration environment 7,851,973 12/14/2010
Vicinal light inspection of translucent materials 7,650,028 01/19/2010
Compact low frequency radio antenna 7,450,081 11/11/2008
Micromachined microwave signal control device and method for making same 7,420,442 09/02/2008
Methods and systems for rapid prototyping of high density circuits 7,419,630 09/02/2008
Antenna with distributed strip and integrated electronic components 7,408,512 08/05/2008
Rotating concave eddy current probe 7,352,176 04/01/2008
Antenna structure with distributed strip 7,345,647 03/18/2008
Waveguide device and method for making same 7,256,667 08/14/2007
Internal V-band clamp 7,004,669 02/28/2006
Nozzle assembly for HVOF thermal spray system 6,886,757 05/03/2005
Digital intermediate frequency receiver module for use in airborne SAR applications 6,864,827 03/08/2005
Method and apparatus for electrical cable testing by pulse-arrested spark discharge 6,853,196 02/08/2005
Waveform synthesis for imaging and ranging applications 6,836,240 12/28/2004
Waveform synthesis for imaging and ranging applications 6,828,933 12/07/2004
Waveform synthesis for imaging and ranging applications 6,825,800 11/30/2004
GMTI motion compensation 6,765,526 07/20/2004
Braze system and method for reducing strain in a braze joint 6,732,914 05/11/2004
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