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Title Patent Number Grant Date
Fluid-powered linear motor with rotary pistons and motion rectifier and synthetic diamond bearing assemblies 11,306,749 04/19/2022
Injection withdrawal tracer tests to assess proppant placement 11,294,349 04/05/2022
Systems and methods that use harmonic drives for converting reciprocating axial motion to continuous rotary motion, helical drives for converting reciprocating rotary motion to reciprocating axial motion and combinations thereof for converting reciprocating rotary motion to continuous rotary motion 11,143,275 10/12/2021
Modular anti-rotation drilling systems and methods 11,131,167 09/28/2021
Ball transfer mechanism with polycrystalline diamond bearing support 10,968,700 04/06/2021
Fluid-powered linear motor with rotary pistons and motion rectifier 10,767,670 09/08/2020
Variable rate compliance modules, assemblies and tools for suppression of drilling vibrations 10,407,998 09/10/2019
Fluid driven drilling motor 10,385,616 08/20/2019
Deployable centralizers 10,344,542 07/09/2019
Modular fluid powered linear piston motors with harmonic coupling 10,100,850 10/16/2018
Ruggedized downhole tool for real-time measurements and uses thereof 9,863,243 01/09/2018
Electrofracturing test system and method of determining material characteristics of electrofractured material samples 9,719,908 08/01/2017
Deployable centralizers 9,580,976 02/28/2017
Self-assembling segmented coiled tubing 9,453,376 09/27/2016
Fluid powered linear piston motor with harmonic coupling 9,447,798 09/20/2016
Inherently safe in situ uranium recovery 8,708,422 04/29/2014
Methods of recovering alkali metals 8,663,361 03/04/2014
Reduced-impact sliding pressure control valve for pneumatic hammer drill 8,176,995 05/15/2012
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