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Title Patent Number Grant Date
Systems and Methods for Detecting and Mitigating Cyber Attacks on Power Systems Comprising Distributed Energy Resources 11,388,178 07/12/2022
Systems and methods for controlling electrical grid resources 11,050,262 06/29/2021
Belt structures for rotary electrical contact device 11,031,744 06/08/2021
Systems and methods using collaborative controls to maintain unintentional islanding standards 10,985,568 04/20/2021
Belt structures for rotary electrical contact device 10,971,876 04/06/2021
Nonlinear power flow control for networked AC/DC microgrids 10,666,054 05/26/2020
Communication enabled fast-acting imbalance reserve 10,574,056 02/25/2020
High current density, low contact resistance wide bandgap contacts 10,505,031 12/10/2019
Subharmonic power line carrier based island detection systems and methods 10,326,279 06/18/2019
Systems, methods and computer program products for electric grid control 10,298,016 05/21/2019
Emulator apparatus for microgrid testing and design 10,270,251 04/23/2019
Emulator for rotary energy sources 10,228,665 03/12/2019
Method to provide meta-stable operation of a DC microgrid comprising a pulsed load 10,090,764 10/02/2018
Identifying an arc-fault type in photovoltaic arrays 9,995,796 06/12/2018
Prognostics and health management of photovoltaic systems 9,939,485 04/10/2018
Detection of arcing location on photovoltaic systems using filters 9,897,642 02/20/2018
Computing an operating parameter of a unified power flow controller 9,851,737 12/26/2017
Resistive field structures for semiconductor devices and uses therof 9,761,675 09/12/2017
Computing architecture for autonomous microgrids 9,148,019 09/29/2015
Computing an operating parameter of a unified power flow controller 8,930,034 01/06/2015
Control system design method 8,121,708 02/21/2012
System and method for advanced power management 7,567,060 07/28/2009
Enhanced distributed energy resource system 7,239,044 07/03/2007
Systems and Methods for Blocking, Detecting, and Responding to Cyber Attacks on Distributed Energy Resources Pending Pending
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