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Title Patent Number Grant Date
Systems and Methods for Blocking, Detecting, and Responding to Cyber Attacks on Distributed Energy Resources Pending Pending
Systems and Methods for Detecting and Mitigating Cyber Attacks on Power Systems Comprising Distributed Energy Resources 11,388,178 07/12/2022
Systems and methods for controlling electrical grid resources 11,050,262 06/29/2021
Belt structures for rotary electrical contact device 11,031,744 06/08/2021
Systems and methods using collaborative controls to maintain unintentional islanding standards 10,985,568 04/20/2021
Belt structures for rotary electrical contact device 10,971,876 04/06/2021
Nonlinear power flow control for networked AC/DC microgrids 10,666,054 05/26/2020
Communication enabled fast-acting imbalance reserve 10,574,056 02/25/2020
High current density, low contact resistance wide bandgap contacts 10,505,031 12/10/2019
Subharmonic power line carrier based island detection systems and methods 10,326,279 06/18/2019
Systems, methods and computer program products for electric grid control 10,298,016 05/21/2019
Emulator apparatus for microgrid testing and design 10,270,251 04/23/2019
Emulator for rotary energy sources 10,228,665 03/12/2019
Method to provide meta-stable operation of a DC microgrid comprising a pulsed load 10,090,764 10/02/2018
Identifying an arc-fault type in photovoltaic arrays 9,995,796 06/12/2018
Prognostics and health management of photovoltaic systems 9,939,485 04/10/2018
Detection of arcing location on photovoltaic systems using filters 9,897,642 02/20/2018
Computing an operating parameter of a unified power flow controller 9,851,737 12/26/2017
Resistive field structures for semiconductor devices and uses therof 9,761,675 09/12/2017
Computing architecture for autonomous microgrids 9,148,019 09/29/2015
Computing an operating parameter of a unified power flow controller 8,930,034 01/06/2015
Control system design method 8,121,708 02/21/2012
System and method for advanced power management 7,567,060 07/28/2009
Enhanced distributed energy resource system 7,239,044 07/03/2007
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