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The Quantum Science technology area contains advances in the understanding and mastery of quantum systems for the manipulation of information with greater sensitivity, speed, and security than is possible with classical information processing methods.  

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Patents & Applications (24)
Patent Title Patent Number Grant Date
Microfabricated ion trap chip with in situ radio-frequency sensing 11,056,332 07/06/2021
Microfabricated ion trap chip with an integrated microwave antenna 10,984,976 04/20/2021
Spin-orbit qubit using quantum dots 10,482,388 11/19/2019
Secure fiber optic seals enabled by quantum optical communication concepts 10,341,015 07/02/2019
Electron spin-based information shuttling for a computer system 10,002,328 06/19/2018
Atomic magnetometer with multiple spatial channels 9,995,800 06/12/2018
Method and apparatus for quantum information processing using entangled neutral-atom qubits 9,934,469 04/03/2018
Chip-scale phonon-based quantum device 9,928,827 03/27/2018
Transceivers and receivers for quantum key distribution and methods pertaining thereto 9,906,311 02/27/2018
Adiabatic/diabatic polarization beam splitter 9,759,862 09/12/2017
Self-referenced continuous-variable quantum key distribution 9,553,677 01/24/2017
Semiconductor adiabatic qubits 9,530,873 12/27/2016
On-chip entangled photon source 9,500,930 11/22/2016
Guided-wave photodiode using through-absorber quantum-well-intermixing and methods thereof 9,477,040 10/25/2016
Light-pulse atom interferometric device 9,291,508 03/22/2016
High data rate atom interferometric device 9,086,429 07/21/2015
Multicolor photonic crystal laser array 9,020,005 04/28/2015
High data-rate atom interferometers through high recapture efficiency 8,941,053 01/27/2015
Atomic magnetometer 8,212,556 07/03/2012
Microfabricated linear Paul-Straubel ion trap 7,928,375 04/19/2011
Microfabricated ion frequency standard 7,859,350 12/28/2010
Isolating and moving single atoms using silicon nanocrystals 7,790,051 09/07/2010
Method for siting detectors within a facility 7,308,374 12/11/2007
Microfabricated ion trap array 7,154,088 12/26/2006
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