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Title Patent Number Grant Date
Radical-ion battery and operation thereof 10,879,552 12/29/2020
Organosilicon-based electrolytes for long-life lithium primary batteries 10,862,163 12/08/2020
Redox-active oxide materials for thermal energy storage 10,800,665 10/13/2020
Cast thermal battery electrodes and separators using a salt binder 10,727,474 07/28/2020
Systems, methods and computer program products for constructing complex geometries using layered and linked hexahedral element meshes 10,657,301 05/19/2020
Cryogenic heating system 10,627,050 04/21/2020
Aqueous Na-ion redox flow battery with ceramic NaSICON membrane 10,586,997 03/10/2020
Controller for a customized electric power storage device in a collective microgrid 10,374,430 08/06/2019
Electrochemical cell having a vanadium phosphorous alloy electrode 10,186,740 01/22/2019
Polyarene mediators for mediated redox flow battery 9,859,583 01/02/2018
Electrochemical ion separation in molten salts 9,847,149 12/19/2017
Customized electric power storage device for inclusion in a microgrid 9,721,312 08/01/2017
Electrochemical cell structure including an ionomeric barrier 9,685,684 06/20/2017
Polyoxometalate active charge-transfer material for mediated redox flow battery 9,548,509 01/17/2017
Magnetic method for stimulating transport in fluids 9,470,458 10/18/2016
Polyoxometalate flow battery 9,287,578 03/15/2016
Aeroelastically coupled blades for vertical axis wind turbines 9,267,490 02/23/2016
Customized electric power storage device for inclusion in a collective microgrid 9,263,894 02/16/2016
Synthesis of electroactive ionic liquids for flow battery applications 9,123,943 09/01/2015
Solid-state lithium battery 8,877,388 11/04/2014
Battery components employing a silicate binder 7,947,397 05/24/2011
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