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The Computing & Data Science technology area contains fundamental and applied solutions in the computing and information sciences. These technologies include computer system architecture, new computing paradigms, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive modeling, data analytics, scientific visualization and modeling, and applications of computational and data science to engineering domains.  
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Patents & Applications (137)
Patent Title Patent Number Grant Date
Ballistic reversible superconducting memory element 11,289,156 03/29/2022
Devices and methods for increasing the speed and efficiency at which a computer is capable of modeling a plurality of random walkers using a particle method 11,281,964 03/22/2022
Optimization computation with spiking neurons Pending 01/01/2022
Moving target defense for a serial communications system 11,133,927 09/28/2021
Cloud forensics and incident response platform 11,113,388 09/07/2021
Malicious activity detection in a memory 11,023,579 06/01/2021
Dynamic, risk informed decision support systems and methods 10,997,513 05/04/2021
Neuromorphic computing architecture with dynamically accessible contexts 10,970,630 04/06/2021
Two-terminal electronic charge resistance switching device 10,950,790 03/16/2021
Ultra-high reliability wireless communication systems and methods 10,952,123 03/16/2021
Central alarm station interface for situation awareness 10,943,467 03/09/2021
Computational processor-in-memory with enhanced strided memory access 10,936,230 03/02/2021
Adaptive neural network management system 10,891,540 01/12/2021
Proof-of-work for securing IoT and autonomous systems 10,887,107 01/05/2021
Device and method for constructing and displaying high quality images from imaging data by transforming a data structure utilizing machine learning techniques 10,867,415 12/15/2020
Method for enhancing a computer to estimate an uncertainty of an onset of a signal of interest in time-series noisy data 10,859,721 12/08/2020
Systems, methods and computer program products for self-tuning sensor data processing 10,837,811 11/17/2020
Systems and methods for monitoring traffic on industrial control and building automation system networks 10,819,721 10/27/2020
Constructing a conforming voronoi mesh for an arbitrarily-shaped enclosed geometric domain 10,776,540 09/15/2020
Mixed core processor unit 10,776,684 09/15/2020
Constructing a conforming Voronoi mesh for an arbitrarily-shaped enclosed geometric domain 10,776,537 09/15/2020
Non-intrusive data authentication systems and methods 10,769,286 09/08/2020
Computer processing through distance-based quality score method in geospatial-temporal semantic graphs 10,769,158 09/08/2020
Retinal-inspired method and system for improved detection 10,765,864 09/08/2020
Randomization of dangling nodes in a digital circuit design to mitigate hardware trojans 10,706,181 07/07/2020
Dynamic signature generation from keystroke dynamics 10,693,661 06/23/2020
Memory access system 10,649,663 05/12/2020
Authenticating a printed circuit board 10,594,492 03/17/2020
Global analysis peak fitting for chemical spectroscopy data 10,551,247 02/04/2020
Ionic floating-gate memory device 10,497,866 12/03/2019
Circuit arrangement and technique for setting matrix values in three-terminal memory cells 10,489,483 11/26/2019
Hardware intrusion detection system 10,445,530 10/15/2019
Constant depth, near constant depth, and subcubic size threshold circuits for linear algebraic calculations 10,445,065 10/15/2019
Identify management using ephemeral biometrics 10,439,817 10/08/2019
Tunable ionic electronic transistor 10,429,343 10/01/2019
Intrusion detection apparatus, system and methods 10,410,002 09/10/2019
Secure generation and inversion of tokens 10,410,210 09/10/2019
Computational optical physical unclonable function 10,387,660 08/20/2019
Backplane filtering and firewalls 10,375,106 08/06/2019
Information searching system 10,331,732 06/25/2019
Generating an implicit voronoi mesh to decompose a domain of arbitrarily many dimensions 10,304,243 05/28/2019
Temporal data system 10,303,697 05/28/2019
Hyperdimensional visualization tool 10,297,054 05/21/2019
Integrated circuit physically unclonable function 10,103,733 10/16/2018
Ultra-low power processor-in-memory architecture 10,083,080 09/25/2018
Method for instruction sequence execution analysis and visualization 10,073,764 09/11/2018
Systems and methods to maintain optimum stoichiometry for reactively sputtered films 10,074,522 09/11/2018
Compensating for parasitic voltage drops in circuit arrays 10,043,855 08/07/2018
Real-time software upgrade 10,037,203 07/31/2018
Network protection system using linkographs 10,027,698 07/17/2018
Dynamic defense and network randomization for computer systems 9,985,984 05/29/2018
Device and methods for writing and erasing analog information in small memory units via voltage pulses 9,947,379 04/17/2018
Processor-in-memory-and-storage architecture 9,858,144 01/02/2018
Ion-barrier for memristors/ReRAM and methods thereof 9,831,427 11/28/2017
System and methods of resource usage using an interoperable management framework 9,805,172 10/31/2017
Method and system for a network mapping service 9,792,292 10/17/2017
Increasing security in inter-chip communication 9,722,796 08/01/2017
Method and apparatus for managing access to a memory 9,720,851 08/01/2017
Network testbed creation and validation 9,628,339 04/18/2017
Network testbed creation and validation 9,600,386 03/21/2017
Serial interpolation for secure membership testing and matching in a secret-split archive 9,514,326 12/06/2016
Cellular computational platform and neurally inspired elements thereof 9,501,738 11/22/2016
Apparatus, method and system to control accessibility of platform resources based on an integrity level 9,479,513 10/25/2016
Multilevel resistive information storage and retrieval 9,412,446 08/09/2016
Sensor sentinel computing device 9,405,283 08/02/2016
Methods for resistive switching of memristors 9,336,870 05/10/2016
Graphics processing unit-assisted lossless decompression 9,311,721 04/12/2016
Malware detection and analysis 9,294,486 03/22/2016
NIC atomic operation unit with caching and bandwidth mitigation 9,275,003 03/01/2016
Apparatus, system and method for providing cryptographic key information with physically unclonable function circuitry 9,208,355 12/08/2015
Embedded instrumentation architecture 9,148,481 09/29/2015
PLC backplane analyzer for field forensics and intrusion detection 9,032,522 05/12/2015
Automatic computation of transfer functions 9,009,640 04/14/2015
Stateless and stateful implementations of faithful execution 8,914,648 12/16/2014
Decoding and optimized implementation of SECDED codes over GF(q) 8,892,985 11/18/2014
Memristor using a transition metal nitride insulator 8,872,246 10/28/2014
Increasing security in inter-chip communication 8,874,926 10/28/2014
Multi-factor authentication 8,868,923 10/21/2014
Policy enabled information sharing system 8,825,611 09/02/2014
Design, decoding and optimized implementation of SECDED codes over GF(q) 8,756,484 06/17/2014
Content-addressable memory based enforcement of configurable policies 8,719,925 05/06/2014
Associative list processing unit 8,688,903 04/01/2014
Storyboard method of end-user programming with natural language confirmation 8,589,821 11/19/2013
Obfuscated authentication systems, devices, and methods 8,566,579 10/22/2013
Decoding and optimized implementation of SECDED codes over GF(q) 8,566,684 10/22/2013
Direct access inter-process shared memory 8,566,536 10/22/2013
Technique for fast and efficient hierarchical clustering 8,554,771 10/08/2013
Extensible packet processing architecture 8,514,855 08/20/2013
Data processing with microcode designed with source coding 8,438,549 05/07/2013
Secure videoconferencing equipment switching system and method 8,432,835 04/30/2013
Technique for converting non-conforming hexahedral-to-hexahedral interfaces into conforming interfaces 8,390,620 03/05/2013
Associative list processing unit 8,359,428 01/22/2013
Quadrilateral/hexahedral finite element mesh coarsening 8,290,754 10/16/2012
Quadrilateral finite element mesh coarsening 8,289,322 10/16/2012
Technique for information retrieval using enhanced latent semantic analysis generating rank approximation matrix by factorizing the weighted morpheme-by-document matrix 8,290,961 10/16/2012
Hierarchical clustering using correlation metric and spatial continuity constraint 8,280,887 10/02/2012
System and method for polytopic mesh refinement 8,274,512 09/25/2012
Communication systems, transceivers, and methods for generating data based on channel characteristics 8,270,602 09/18/2012
Computing environment logbook 8,271,891 09/18/2012
Method for factor analysis of GC/MS data 8,266,197 09/11/2012
Method and system for rendering and interacting with an adaptable computing environment 8,201,099 06/12/2012
Hexahedral finite element mesh coarsening using pillowing technique 8,194,068 06/05/2012
Reach and get capability in a computing environment 8,196,101 06/05/2012
Message passing with parallel queue traversal 8,170,041 05/01/2012
Computation of term dominance in text documents 8,166,051 04/24/2012
Deflate decompressor 8,125,357 02/28/2012
Self-assembling software generator 8,046,742 10/25/2011
Information-based self-organization of sensor nodes of a sensor network 8,022,987 09/20/2011
Multiple network interface core apparatus and method 7,929,439 04/19/2011
Method and system for authentication of electronic communications 7,917,757 03/29/2011
System and method for statistically monitoring and analyzing sensed conditions 7,877,234 01/25/2011
System and method for statistically monitoring and analyzing sensed conditions 7,865,336 01/04/2011
Methods for spectral image analysis by exploiting spatial simplicity 7,840,626 11/23/2010
Controlling motion using a human machine interface 7,802,193 09/21/2010
System and method for statistically monitoring and analyzing sensed conditions 7,756,682 07/13/2010
Computer network control plane tampering monitor 7,733,788 06/08/2010
Methods for spectral image analysis by exploiting spatial simplicity 7,725,517 05/25/2010
Unconstrained paving and plastering method for generating finite element meshes 7,671,858 03/02/2010
Physical context management for a motor vehicle 7,610,130 10/27/2009
Human-machine interactions 7,526,465 04/28/2009
Flexible, secure agent development framework 7,516,112 04/07/2009
Application for managing model-based material properties for simulation-based engineering 7,499,841 03/03/2009
Method to analyze remotely sensed spectral data 7,491,944 02/17/2009
Secure videoconferencing equipment switching system and method 7,477,614 01/13/2009
Fast combinatorial algorithm for the solution of linearly constrained least squares problems 7,451,173 11/11/2008
Data port security lock 7,390,201 06/24/2008
Simulation of human decision making 7,370,023 05/06/2008
Reconfigureable network node 7,355,986 04/08/2008
Method of generating a surface mesh 7,339,584 03/04/2008
Spectral compression algorithms for the analysis of very large multivariate images 7,283,684 10/16/2007
Accommodating subject and instrument variations in spectroscopic determinations 7,098,037 08/29/2006
System and method for secure group transactions 7,036,146 04/25/2006
Augmented classical least squares multivariate spectral analysis 6,922,645 07/26/2005
Neural mosaic logic unit Pending Pending
Spiking retina microscope Pending Pending
Patent Application (TEST) Pending Pending
Device and method for random walk simulation Pending Pending
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