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The Radar & Terahertz (THz) technology area contains advances in detection and imaging using THz waves developed for security, biomedical, and communications applications. Sandia has been at the forefront of new radar breakthroughs for more than 30 years, including historic developments in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR).   

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Patent Title Patent Number Grant Date
Systems and methods for augmenting a satellite based navigation system with alternative position and timing data 10,788,590 09/29/2020
De-tuning tolerant loop antenna 10,756,434 08/25/2020
In-situ active impedance characterization of scanned array antennas 10,720,703 07/21/2020
Apparatus, system and method for highlighting activity-induced change in multi-pass synthetic aperture radar imagery 10,698,104 06/30/2020
Ultra-wideband mutual coupling compensation of active electronically scanned arrays in multi-channel radar systems 10,615,495 04/07/2020
Co-notch and independent windowing to mitigate interference in SAR-based imagery 10,591,582 03/17/2020
Apparatus, system and method for highlighting anomalous change in multi-pass synthetic aperture radar imagery 10,535,127 01/14/2020
Spectral replacement to mitigate interference for multi-pass synthetic aperture radar 10,495,750 12/03/2019
Waveform warping for general frequency-modulated radar waveforms 10,473,755 11/12/2019
Vehicle track detection in synthetic aperture radar imagery 10,467,474 11/05/2019
Reduced-bias multi-resolution coherent change detection 10,345,440 07/09/2019
Spectral notch interference mitigation for stretch processing synthetic aperture radar 10,330,786 06/25/2019
Dual-band GPS antenna with horizontal polarization 10,290,950 05/14/2019
Apodization of spurs in radar receivers using multi-channel processing 10,288,729 05/14/2019
Doppler-assisted sensor fusion 10,267,895 04/23/2019
Small mover target detection in synthetic aperture radar imagery 10,254,399 04/09/2019
In-situ active impedance characterization of scanned array antennas 10,218,068 02/26/2019
Robust power detector for wideband signals among many single tone signals 10,171,189 01/01/2019
VMD fused radar--a hyper-volumetric ultra-low NAR sensor system 10,062,255 08/28/2018
Antenna array with low Rx and Tx sidelobe levels 10,062,972 08/28/2018
Superpixels for improved structure and terrain classification using multiple synthetic aperture radar image products 10,042,048 08/07/2018
Vehicle track identification in synthetic aperture radar images 10,032,077 07/24/2018
Artifact reduction within a SAR image 10,018,718 07/10/2018
Extraordinary electromagnetic transmission by antenna arrays and frequency selective surfaces having compound unit cells with dissimilar elements 9,923,284 03/20/2018
Robust power detector for wideband signals among many single tone signals 9,912,420 03/06/2018
Radar velocity determination using direction of arrival measurements 9,846,229 12/19/2017
Apodization of spurs in radar receivers using multi-channel processing 9,823,346 11/21/2017
Computing angle of arrival of radio signals 9,810,760 11/07/2017
Joint synthetic aperture radar plus ground moving target indicator from single-channel radar using compressive sensing 9,791,563 10/17/2017
Time-dependent phase error correction using digital waveform synthesis 9,784,818 10/10/2017
Combined radar and telemetry system 9,720,080 08/01/2017
Phase difference of arrival geolocation 9,651,648 05/16/2017
Waveform frequency notching 9,645,227 05/09/2017
Shaping the spectrum of random-phase radar waveforms 9,645,228 05/09/2017
Omnidirectional antenna having constant phase 9,614,273 04/04/2017
Method of achieving ultra-wideband true-time-delay beam steering for active electronically scanned arrays 9,479,232 10/25/2016
Subaperture clutter filter with CFAR signal detection 9,429,644 08/30/2016
Method, apparatus and system for managing queue operations of a test bench environment 9,396,081 07/19/2016
Superpixel edges for boundary detection 9,389,311 07/12/2016
Wideband unbalanced waveguide power dividers and combiners 9,343,795 05/17/2016
Navigator alignment using radar scan 9,304,198 04/05/2016
Terrain detection and classification using single polarization SAR 9,239,384 01/19/2016
Delivering both sum and difference beam distributions to a planar monopulse antenna array 9,219,317 12/22/2015
Metal-free magnetic conductor substrates for placement-immune antenna assemblies 9,147,931 09/29/2015
Pre-processing SAR image stream to facilitate compression for transport on bandwidth-limited-link 9,146,312 09/29/2015
Differential emitter geolocation 9,110,147 08/18/2015
Synthetic aperture radar images with composite azimuth resolution 8,994,577 03/31/2015
Ultra-wideband, omni-directional, low distortion coaxial antenna 8,928,546 01/06/2015
Ultra-wideband short-pulse radar with range accuracy for short range detection 8,854,254 10/07/2014
Compact antenna arrays with wide bandwidth and low sidelobe levels 8,830,125 09/09/2014
Terahertz metamaterials 8,803,637 08/12/2014
Registering coherent change detection products associated with large image sets and long capture intervals 8,692,704 04/08/2014
Heterodyne photomixer spectrometer with receiver photomixer driven at different frequency than source photomixer 8,482,739 07/09/2013
Tracking moving radar targets with parallel, velocity-tuned filters 8,427,359 04/23/2013
Mitigating illumination gradients in a SAR image based on the image data and antenna beam pattern 8,427,358 04/23/2013
Radar echo processing with partitioned de-ramp 8,400,349 03/19/2013
Using antennas separated in flight direction to avoid effect of emitter clock drift in geolocation 8,294,616 10/23/2012
Integrated heterodyne terahertz transceiver 8,274,058 09/25/2012
Integration of a terahertz quantum cascade laser with a hollow waveguide 8,213,476 07/03/2012
Concurrent signal combining and channel estimation in digital communications 8,009,772 08/30/2011
Generating nonlinear FM chirp radar signals by multiple integrations 7,880,672 02/01/2011
Comparing range data across the slow-time dimension to correct motion measurement errors beyond the range resolution of a synthetic aperture radar 7,777,665 08/17/2010
Decreasing range resolution of a SAR image to permit correction of motion measurement errors beyond the SAR range resolution 7,760,128 07/20/2010
Using convolutional decoding to improve time delay and phase estimation in digital communications 7,653,155 01/26/2010
Flight path-driven mitigation of wavefront curvature effects in SAR images 7,551,119 06/23/2009
Integrated heterodyne terahertz transceiver 7,550,734 06/23/2009
Synthetic aperture design for increased SAR image rate 7,498,968 03/03/2009
Controlling data collection to support SAR image rotation 7,436,349 10/14/2008
Direct detector for terahertz radiation 7,420,225 09/02/2008
SAR image formation with azimuth interpolation after azimuth transform 7,397,418 07/08/2008
Correction of motion measurement errors beyond the range resolution of a synthetic aperture radar 7,391,357 06/24/2008
Terahertz radiation mixer 7,376,403 05/20/2008
Quadrature mixture LO suppression via DSW DAC noise dither 7,259,716 08/21/2007
Tangential velocity measurement using interferometric MTI radar 6,982,668 01/03/2006
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