Cellular computational platform and neurally inspired elements thereof

Patent Number: 9,501,738
Issued: 11/22/2016
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Abstract: A cellular computational platform is disclosed that includes a multiplicity of functionally identical, repeating computational hardware units that are interconnected electrically and optically. Each computational hardware unit includes a reprogrammable local memory and has interconnections to other such units that have reconfigurable weights. Each computational hardware unit is configured to transmit signals into the network for broadcast in a protocol-less manner to other such units in the network, and to respond to protocol-less broadcast messages that it receives from the network. Each computational hardware unit is further configured to reprogram the local memory in response to incoming electrical and/or optical signals.
Filed: 8/13/2013
Application Number: 13/966,127
Government Interests: STATEMENT OF GOVERNMENT INTEREST This invention was made with Government support under Contract No. DE-NA0003525 awarded by the United States Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration. The Government has certain rights in the invention.