Energy & Environment

The portfolio has technologies that address the most significant national-level problems across the energy, climate, and infrastructure sectors:

  • Reduce dependence on foreign oil
  • Increase use of low carbon power generation
  • Understand risks and enable mitigation of climate change impacts
  • Provide the foundation for a global climate treaty
  • Increase security and resiliency of the electrical grid and energy infrastructure
  • Assure energy security for critical installations
  • Strengthen the nation’s science and technology base in energy, climate, and infrastructure

Technology Summaries
37 Technology Summaries
Computers & Info. Science Energy & Environment The Microgrid Design Toolkit
    Energy & Environment Control System for Active Damping of Inter-Area Oscillations
      Energy & Environment Non-Invasive Energy Meter10/14/2013
      Energy & Environment Gas Diffusion Electrodes for Fuel Cells01/23/2013
      Energy & Environment High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane 01/23/2013
      Energy & Environment Designer Catalysts for Next Generation Fuel Synthesis01/23/2013
      Energy & Environment Solar Reflection Panels01/30/2013
      Energy & Environment Fluorescent Optical Position Sensor02/04/2013
      Energy & Environment Harpoon-Breaching Tool03/07/2013
      Energy & Environment Molten Salt Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF)10/14/2013
      Energy & Environment Hedgehog™ Water Contaminant Removal System06/12/2013
      Energy & Environment Vibrational Energy Converters 01/23/2013
      Energy & Environment SOFAST: Sandia Optical Fringe Analysis Slope Tool for Solar Mirror Characterization 02/05/2016
      Energy & Environment Diffraction: Enhanced Light Absorption of Solar Cells and Photodetectors02/29/2016
      Energy & Environment Efficient Hydrogen Sulfur Cycle Precursor for H2 Production03/04/2016
      Energy & Environment Other High Temperature Downhole Motor
        Energy & Environment Optimized Alumina Coagulants for Water Purification03/07/2013
        Energy & Environment pH Adjustment of Power Plant Cooling Water with Flue Gas/ Fly Ash10/13/2016
        Energy & Environment Startup Design Features for Supercritical Power Conversion Systems02/06/2013
        Energy & Environment Trojan Horse Project: Biorefinery in a Plant10/28/2016
        Energy & Environment Improved Method to Measure Glare and Reflected Solar Irradiance01/22/2013
        Energy & Environment Inherently Safe In-Situ Uranium Recovery10/31/2016
        Energy & Environment TOPHAT™ for the Alignment & Focus of Heliostat Mirror Facets10/31/2016
        Energy & Environment TOPCAT Solar Cell Alignment & Energy Concentration Technology02/04/2013
        Energy & Environment Nanoporous Al2O3 as a “Getter” for Volatile Radionuclides into Nanostructued Glass-Ceramic Waste Forms10/31/2016
        Energy & Environment Solar Tracing Sensors for Maximum Solar Concentrator Efficiency 10/31/2016
        Energy & Environment Mat., Chem., & Nanoscience Micro, Sensor, MEMS, & Phototo Microsphere Templated Gallium Nitride Growth and Liftoff10/31/2016
        Energy & Environment Alternating Current Photovoltaic Building Block02/29/2016
        Energy & Environment Advanced Forms of Activated Carbon06/11/2013
        Energy & Environment Fluid Interface Position Optical Sensor01/23/2013
        Energy & Environment Intelligent Grid Technologies01/31/2013
        Energy & Environment Microsystems Enabled Photovoltaics (MEPV) More02/12/2016
        Energy & Environment Other The Sandia Cooler More10/27/2016
        Defense Systems & Assessments Energy & Environment Other Mat., Chem., & Nanoscience Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Iron Nitrides Using Two-Step Reactive Milling Process
          Energy & Environment Metal-Organic Frameworks for the Separation of O2 from Air
            Energy & Environment Solar Glare Hazard Analysis Tool (SGHAT)
              Energy & Environment Other Packed Particle Bed Reactor10/23/2015