Microsystems Enabled Photovoltaics (MEPV)

Revolutionary micro-solar technology utilizes glitter-sized photovoltaic cells to change how we generate and use solar power. The significantly reduced size and 100 times less silicon used, allows for increased versatility of photovoltaic applications. Traditional solar cells are 6” square wafers which restricts location, performance, and manufacturing. Other unique factors to this technology include solar tracking, self assembly, and power management techniques.

Despite the significantly reduced size, the cells perform comparably to traditional solar cells which can allow for installation in more non-conventional areas such as tents and possibly clothing to recharge small electronics while in the field or outdoor recreation. The glitter-sized cells can also be used on more traditional applications such as roofing.

  • 10 times thinner than conventional solar cells
  • More versatility
  • Highly efficient microsolar devices
  • Lower costs in manufacturing and installation
  • Can be fabricated from any size of commercial wafer
  • More resilient and reliable
  • Can be bent or contoured to fit virtually any surface
Applications and Industries
  • Solar energy generation
  • Energy storage
  • Battery charging applications
  • Satellites
  • Remote Sensing
  • Integrated solar on unusual, non-traditional items
  • Solar energy harvesting
  • Mobile electronics
  • Vehicles
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