Startup Design Features for Supercritical Power Conversion Systems

Sandia National Laboratories has created solutions to startup flow issues in supercritical conversion systems. The Supercritical Brayton Cycle is a power conversion system that is undergoing extensive testing and advancements at Sandia Labs. The brayton cycle system has the ability to achieve higher efficiency and more cost effect power conversion than current art forms.

The new design features and procedures will improve the already advanced capabilities of the supercritical power conversion system. The new design features have been developed and tested over many months, with consistent results.


  • Significantly smaller size
  • Increased efficiency and power
  • Reduced cost due to compact size
  • Solution to startup flow issues

Applications and Industries

  • Electric utility
  • Nuclear power
  • Oil and gas
  • Water supply and sewage treatment
  • Renewable power and energy
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