Digital Communication

Many communication systems employ multi-channels that transmit and receive a common signal. In these systems, the common signal is combined at thereceiver to achieve maximum channel capacity. During the combining of such signals the delay and phase parameters are estimated based on a convolution decoding operation and are removed from the signal. At low signal to noise ratios these parameters become difficult to estimate and impractical to implement.

The combination of these two Sandia technological advances introduce a new method whereby the channel parameters are estimated and removed simultaneously using a convolutional decoding operation, while being combined by the receiver. This new method allowsfor the signal combing to occur at low signal to noise ratios which improves the over all channel capacity without losing functionality.


  • Improvement of Overall Channel Capacity
  • Improved Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Simplification of Signal Receiving Method

Applications and Industries

  • Satellite Communication Systems
  • Cellular Communication Systems
  • GPS
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