Engineering Technologies

The portfolio includes other engineering technologies developed at Sandia in support of our mission.  They include:

  • Thermal Transport
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Aero-sciences
  • Solid Mechanics
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Material Mechanics
  • Electromagnetics
  • Electrical Sciences

Technology Summaries
31 Technology Summaries
Other Correlation Spectrometer04/01/2013
Other Homeland Security Portable Gas Leak Detection System More08/19/2013
Other Micro, Sensor, MEMS, & Phototo The Sandia Wave Reflector10/27/2016
Other Micro, Sensor, MEMS, & Phototo Two-Sensor System for Absolute Age and Temperature History10/07/2013
Other Digital Communication10/31/2016
Other Powder Dispersion System01/23/2013
Other Electrical Cable Testing by Pulse-Arrested Spark Discharge (PASD)02/05/2013
Other X-ray Tube with Magnetic Electron Steering01/30/2013
Energy & Environment Other Micro, Sensor, MEMS, & Phototo SolidSense: Gas Analyzer on a Chip
    Other Rotary-Cooled Solid-State Lighting04/14/2017
    Other High Speed, High Current Pulsed LED Driver04/14/2017
    Defense Systems & Assessments Other Micro, Sensor, MEMS, & Phototo Silicon-Based Neutron Detector03/23/2017
    Other Thermal Compensating Optics Housing
      Other Mat., Chem., & Nanoscience Micro, Sensor, MEMS, & Phototo Self-protected, Low-temperature Nanosolder01/31/2017
      Other Sliding Pressure Control Valve for Pneumatic Hammer Drill01/29/2013
      Energy & Environment Other High Temperature Downhole Motor
        Other Micro, Sensor, MEMS, & Phototo Monolithically Integrated Absolute Frequency Comb Laser System06/03/2016
        Energy & Environment Other The Sandia Cooler More10/27/2016
        Other Micro, Sensor, MEMS, & Phototo Push Plate for Ball Grid Array Test Sockets
          Defense Systems & Assessments Energy & Environment Other Mat., Chem., & Nanoscience Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Iron Nitrides Using Two-Step Reactive Milling Process
            Other Advanced Ultrasonic Device with In-Situ Height Adjustment for Improved Flaw Detection More11/18/2015
            Other Rotating Eddy Current Probe for Detecting Cracks under Raised Fastener Heads11/18/2015
            Other Mat., Chem., & Nanoscience High Performance Dielectrics
              Other Variable Flow Exhaust Ventilation Cap for Local Exhaust Systems
                Computers & Info. Science Defense Systems & Assessments Other Configuration Self-Scrubber for Xilinx Virtex-5QV FPGAs08/25/2016
                Defense Systems & Assessments Other Micro, Sensor, MEMS, & Phototo Self-Shielding Flex-Circuit Drift Tube09/15/2016
                Other Homeland Security Micro, Sensor, MEMS, & Phototo Zero-Power Radio Receiver More10/07/2016
                Other FURI Camera
                  Other Cryogenic Heating Stage
                    Energy & Environment Other Packed Particle Bed Reactor10/23/2015
                    Other High Sensitivity, Environmentally Isolated Bearing Tester