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Title Patent Number Grant Date
De-tuning tolerant loop antenna 10,756,434 08/25/2020
In-situ active impedance characterization of scanned array antennas 10,720,703 07/21/2020
Ultra-wideband mutual coupling compensation of active electronically scanned arrays in multi-channel radar systems 10,615,495 04/07/2020
Dual-band GPS antenna with horizontal polarization 10,290,950 05/14/2019
In-situ active impedance characterization of scanned array antennas 10,218,068 02/26/2019
Antenna array with low Rx and Tx sidelobe levels 10,062,972 08/28/2018
Extraordinary electromagnetic transmission by antenna arrays and frequency selective surfaces having compound unit cells with dissimilar elements 9,923,284 03/20/2018
Computing angle of arrival of radio signals 9,810,760 11/07/2017
Omnidirectional antenna having constant phase 9,614,273 04/04/2017
Method of achieving ultra-wideband true-time-delay beam steering for active electronically scanned arrays 9,479,232 10/25/2016
Delivering both sum and difference beam distributions to a planar monopulse antenna array 9,219,317 12/22/2015
Metal-free magnetic conductor substrates for placement-immune antenna assemblies 9,147,931 09/29/2015
Differential emitter geolocation 9,110,147 08/18/2015
Ultra-wideband, omni-directional, low distortion coaxial antenna 8,928,546 01/06/2015
Compact antenna arrays with wide bandwidth and low sidelobe levels 8,830,125 09/09/2014
Using antennas separated in flight direction to avoid effect of emitter clock drift in geolocation 8,294,616 10/23/2012
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