Magnetoelastically actuated MEMS device and methods for its manufacture

Patent Number: 10,510,945
Issued: 12/17/2019
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Abstract: A magnetoelastically actuated device includes a microscale cantilever arm supported at a standoff distance from a substrate. The cantilever arm is formed as a laminar magnetic actuator configured to bend when it is subjected to a magnetic field. The cantilever arm includes a film of magnetostrictive material. Also provided is a method for fabricating the magnetoelastically actuated device. The method includes defining an actuator mold in a layer of photoresist on a structural layer of the cantilever arm and electrodepositing a layer of a magnetostrictive alloy containing cobalt and iron onto the structural layer within the actuator mold.
Filed: 9/28/2017
Application Number: 15/719,219
Government Interests: STATEMENT OF GOVERNMENT INTEREST This invention was made with Government support under Contract No. DE-NA0003525 awarded by the United States Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration. The Government has certain rights in the invention.