Broadband light funneling in ultrasubwavelength channels having periodic connected unfilled apertures

Patent Number: 9,720,151
Issued: 8/1/2017
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Abstract: A structure for broadband light funneling comprises a two-dimensional periodic array of connected ultrasubwavelength apertures, each aperture comprising a large sub-aperture that aids in the coupling of the incoming incident light and a small sub-aperture that funnels a significant fraction of the incident light power. The structure possesses all the capabilities of prior extraordinary optical transmission platforms, yet operates nonresonantly on a distinctly different mechanism. The structure demonstrates efficient ultrabroadband funneling of optical power confined in an area as small as .about.(.lamda./500).sup.2, where optical fields are enhanced, thus exhibiting functional possibilities beyond resonant platforms.
Filed: 10/8/2013
Application Number: 14/48,665
Government Interests: STATEMENT OF GOVERNMENT INTEREST This invention was made with Government support under Contract No. DE-NA0003525 awarded by the United States Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration. The Government has certain rights in the invention.