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Radical-ion battery and operation thereof

United States Patent

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December 29, 2020
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A electrochemical storage device, referred to herein as a radical-ion battery, is described. The radical-ion battery includes an electrolyte, first free radicals, and second free radicals, wherein the first free radicals and the second free radicals are different chemical species. The radical-ion battery also includes a separator that allows select ions to pass therethrough, but separates the electrolyte from the second free radicals.
16/ 098,432
February 16, 2017
H01M 8/14 (20060101)H01M 8/0202 (20160101)H01M 8/04089 (20160101)H01M 10/38 (20060101)H01M 8/04186 (20160101)H01M 10/42 (20060101)H01M 8/04082 (20160101)H01M 8/18 (20060101)H01M 2/40 (20060101)H01M 2/16 (20060101)H01M 10/39 (20060101)