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Ducted fuel injection

United States Patent

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December 25, 2018
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Ducted Fuel Injection for Soot Reduction Next-Generation Automotive
Various technologies presented herein relate to enhancing mixing inside a combustion chamber to form one or more locally premixed mixtures comprising fuel and charge-gas to enable minimal, or no, generation of soot and/or other undesired emissions during ignition and subsequent combustion of the locally premixed mixtures. To enable sufficient mixing of the fuel and charge-gas, a jet of fuel can be directed to pass through a bore of a duct causing charge-gas to be drawn into the bore creating turbulence to mix the fuel and the drawn charge-gas. The duct can be located proximate to an opening in a tip of a fuel injector. The various technologies presented herein can be utilized in a number of combustion systems, such as compression-ignition (CI) reciprocating engines, spark-ignition (SI) reciprocating engines, gas-turbine (GT) engines, burners and boilers, wellhead/refinery flaring, etc.
15/ 363,966
November 29, 2016
F23D 11/38 (20060101)F02B 1/06 (20060101)F23D 11/40 (20060101)F02C 7/22 (20060101)F02M 61/14 (20060101)F02M 61/18 (20060101)F02M 57/00 (20060101)F23D 14/08 (20060101)
STATEMENT OF GOVERNMENTAL INTEREST This invention was developed under contract DE-AC04-94AL85000 between Sandia Corporation and the U.S. Department of Energy. The U.S. Government has certain rights in this invention.