Two-Sensor System for Absolute Age and Temperature History


Numerous commercial and military applications require knowing the absolute age and/or temperature history of a device or system starting from the time it is assembled or commissioned. Ideally this information could be obtained simply and without power. The Sandia-developed age and temperature history sensor is a physical materials system solution to address this need.


Sandia’s passive sensor is based on diffusion of one metal into another, or into a semiconductor, as a function of time and temperature. This new technology leverages two similar sensors with different activation energies, as illustrated in Figure 1 of the attached market sheet. Sensors can be conductive, capacitive, optical, visual or crystalline. Devices can be created using standard metal deposition techniques on common semiconductor and micro-device substrates, including sputter coating, chemical vapor deposition and electrochemical methods.


  • Does not require power during the aging period
  • Can determine absolute age independently of temperature history
  • Suitable for emplacement on circuit boards

Applications and Industries

  • Removal/Replacement of Systems Exposed to Extreme Environments
  • Verification/Invalidation of Warranty Claims
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