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Powder Dispersion System


Sandia researchers have developed a method and apparatus for dispersing powder material with a size range down to about a micron at a rate of 170/mg per minute.


It can employ an air eductor, which can subject particles to high shear in order to break apart agglomerates. The dispersion system can be housed in a case with wheels to facilitate portability. The housing can also keep the unit and contents clean in a controlled environment while directing the particulate flow away from the ground.


  • Increased performance
  • Greater efficiency
  • Advanced feeding mechanism
  • Advanced Powder Dispersion

Applications and Industries

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Public Safety
  • Transportation & Automotive

Intellectual Property

ID Number
Patent Number
Powder dispersion system 8,020,726 09/20/2011
Technology IDSD # 10507Development StageDevelopment - Sandia estimates the technology readiness level (TRL) at 9.AvailabilityAvailable - Various licensing and partnering options are available. Please contact the Intellectual Property Department to discuss.Published12/01/2011Last Updated01/23/2013