Hedgehog™ Water Contaminant Removal System

Technology Summary

The in-tank recirculating treatment system reduces the levels of contaminants in water storage tanks. A recirculation pump continually sends water though a treatment in order to reduce the levels of contamination.


In arsenic decontamination testing, small water systems (~100 connections or less) with ambient arsenic (As) levels of 11-25 ppb could achieve low cost compliance with the new US arsenic limit of 10 ppb by using this in-tank filtration system. Estimates indicate results would be similar in other types of contaminants. The smaller scale, greater efficiency, and reduced cost of this filtration system make it a viable option of small tank owners and communities. The annual cost for the Hedgehog™ is approximately 1/3 of the GIM option which supports the notion that the smaller the system, the more appropriate the in-tank treatment system becomes.


  • Highly effective in treating arsenic-contaminated systems and can be expanded to filter other contaminants
  • Less costly than traditional removal systems
  • Commercially available components with unique design
  • More efficient for smaller tank sizes
  • Lower maintenance costs

Applications and Industries

  • Water treatment
  • Ideal for use in smaller community water tanks or personal water tanks

Intellectual Property

ID Number
Patent Number
In-tank recirculating arsenic treatment system 10055.0 7,514,004 04/07/2009
Technology IDUS Patent# 7,514,004Development StagePrototype - Sandia estimates this technology’s TRL at approximately a level 6/7. Prototypes have been tested and shown to work in an operational laboratory environment which includes the integration and demonstration of the components.AvailabilityAvailable - Various licensing and partnering options are available. Please contact the Intellectual Property department to discuss.Published09/29/2011Last Updated06/12/2013