Solar Reflection Panels

Technology Summary

There has long been a need for a low cost, high-performing solar collector that will allow solar thermal power to compete with other power sources.  While advancements have been made, a need for a cost effective and durable solar collector still exists.  Sandia National Laboratories has developed a solar collector that is more efficient, utilizes advanced and low cost manufacturing process, and has good optical properties.


Unlike other solar collectors that are known to lose solar reflectivity due to issues with their design, the solar collector developed by Sandia is designed to be durable to environmental stresses allowing optical properties to be maintained.


  • Low cost materials used to construct the solar collector
  • Advanced, low cost manufacturing processes
  • Durable to environmental stresses
  • Optical properties are maintained over many years due to durability
  • Greater Power
  • Greater Efficiency

Applications and Industries

  • Solar Energy
  • Renewable Energy
  • Solar Thermal Power

Intellectual Property

ID Number
Patent Number
Solar reflection panels 6358.0 7,077,532 07/18/2006
Technology IDPatent# 7,077,532Development StagePrototype - Sandia estimates this technology at approximately TRL 5. Key elements of this technology have been demonstrated in relevant environments. AvailabilityAvailable - Various license and partnering options are available. Please contact the Intellectual Property department to discuss. Published09/29/2011Last Updated01/30/2013