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Rapid Technology Deployment Program Overview

Rapid Technology Deployment Program

The Rapid Technology Deployment (RTD) Program term expired on June 30, 2021

We invite you to search and browse Sandia’s extensive intellectual property portfolio for current licensing opportunities. Please contact us to discuss a licensing approach that will work for your organization and its goals.

RTD Program Background

In March 2020, COVID-19 had become widespread across the globe. The novel virus and its effects demanded global systems from healthcare to manufacturing to supply chains and logistics adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. Urgent and high-stakes technical challenges emerged not only in bioscience and medicine but swept the business and technology fields.

Two weeks after a national emergency was declared in the United States, Sandia National Laboratories announced a fast-track licensing program to rapidly deploy technology to the marketplace. Initially more than 1,000 patents were temporarily made eligible for any U.S. person to use commercially for free. Sandia also became one of the Founding Adopters of the Open COVID Pledge, along with Facebook, Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, and IBM.

"We're making technology transfer as simple as possible," said Mary Monson, Sandia's senior manager of technology partnerships and business development. "The Rapid Technology Deployment Program is an effort to streamline deployment of potential solutions in industry."

Sandia routinely grants licenses to businesses, universities, and individual entrepreneurs to use lab-developed technologies for other commercial purposes. Many federally funded innovations have solved challenges and delivered economic value well beyond their initial field-of-use.

Additional Opportunities to Partner with Sandia

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