Ready-to-Sign Licenses

Sandia's Ready-to-Sign licenses expedite the licensing process. A Ready-to-Sign license has standardized terms and conditions that many licensees will find acceptable, streamlining the process and avoiding the need for time consuming negotiation. Simply download the pdf file, complete the documents, and return to us.

Ready-to-Sign licenses are nonexclusive and priced favorably. The exact grant, term, field of use, and licensed product definition will be unique to each license. Some will be paid-up upon receipt of the license fee, others may include a royalty payment for sales of licensed product, or an annual use fee. The fees charged help us maintain licensing services, including payment of patent maintenance fees. A portion of the revenue is designated for the inventors and for additional R & D within the lab.

Ready-to-Sign licenses require that R & D and substantial manufacture of the licensed product occur within the U.S. to provide benefit to the U.S. economy.

Should you require alternate terms and conditions, they can be considered under our standard licensing process. We are pleased to discuss whatever arrangements you require but may be unable to offer as favorable a fee structure or timing as a Ready-to-Sign license. Should you have questions, please contact the licensing executive shown for the software or patent.

Ready to Sign Licensing Instructions
1. Select a technology that you would like to license.
2. Click on the link to the right to download the PDF file, which contains the Instructions, Participant Data Sheet (PDS), and Ready to Sign (RtS) License.
3. Follow the instructions in the PDF to ensure that the paperwork is completed accurately and returned to Sandia National Laboratories. Disclaimer: Completing the paperwork and returning it to Sandia does not constitute or guarantee an agreement with Sandia. The posting of the RtS Licenses does not constitute an offer to license any Sandia patent by Sandia. Per Department of Energy requirements, Sandia is required to qualify and review all potential business partners. Priority is given to U.S. owned and based small businesses, although all parties are welcome to apply.
4. No technical assistance is included under the RtS License.

Please check back frequently as new IP becomes available.