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Pulsed laser linescanner for a backscatter absorption gas imaging system

United States Patent

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February 10, 2004
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Portable Gas Leak Detection System
An active (laser-illuminated) imaging system is described that is suitable for use in backscatter absorption gas imaging (BAGI). A BAGI imager operates by imaging a scene as it is illuminated with radiation that is absorbed by the gas to be detected. Gases become "visible" in the image when they attenuate the illumination creating a shadow in the image. This disclosure describes a BAGI imager that operates in a linescanned manner using a high repetition rate pulsed laser as its illumination source. The format of this system allows differential imaging, in which the scene is illuminated with light at least 2 wavelengths--one or more absorbed by the gas and one or more not absorbed. The system is designed to accomplish imaging in a manner that is insensitive to motion of the camera, so that it can be held in the hand of an operator or operated from a moving vehicle.
Kulp; Thomas J. (Livermore, CA)Reichardt; Thomas A. (Livermore, CA)Schmitt; Randal L. (Tijeras, NM)Bambha; Ray P. (Martinez, CA)
Sandia National Laboratories (Livermore, CA)
09/ 965,527
September 26, 2001
356/437 250/330
G01N 21/47 (20060101)G01N 21/53 (20060101)G01N 21/31 (20060101)G01N 021/47 ()
STATEMENT OF GOVERNMENT INTEREST The United States Government has rights in this invention pursuant to Contract No. DE-AC04-94AL85000 between the United States Department of Energy and Sandia Corporation for the operation of Sandia National Laboratories.