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Switch assembly with integrated tuning capability

United States Patent

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April 5, 2022
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A multiport RF switch assembly with integrated impedance tuning capability is described that provides a single RFIC solution to switch between transmit and receive paths in a communication system. Dynamic tuning is integrated into each switch sub-assembly to provide the capability to impedance match antennas or other components connected to the multiport switch. The tuning function at the switch can be used to shape the antenna response to provide better filtering at the switch/RF front-end (RFFE) interface to allow for reduced filtering requirements in the RFFE. Memory is designed into the multiport switch assembly, allowing for a look-up table or other data to reside with the switch and tuning circuit. The resident memory will result in easier integration of the tunable switch assembly into communication systems.
16/ 733,391
January 3, 2020
H01Q 21/00 (20060101)H03J 5/24 (20060101)H01Q 1/24 (20060101)H01Q 21/30 (20060101)H03J 5/22 (20060101)H01Q 5/335 (20150101)